A Joyful Journey

Road Trip founder Stephenie Frawley claims that "my whole life has been a road trip."

She explains the inspiration of her new company’s name: "as an equestrian competitor from high school and college and then as a mom's taxi service and kid valet, I've traveled the roads of New England for the last 30 years. Along the way, we were always looking for tasty foods to snack on. Road Trip seemed like a perfect statement about today’s customer — on the go, but always seeking something good to eat."

Her first product was Vermont Fudge Sauce a super-rich and smooth fudge topping made from a rich blend of cocoa, chocolate and coffee, blended with rich cream and butter from local dairies in Vermont. Launched in the Summer of 2016, it quickly gained a following at Vermont country stores and specialty markets.

"Their Fudge Sauce is simply amazing and I'm not aware of another product quite like it," said an owner of The Dorset Union Store, one of Stephenie’s first customers. "I love the vision of Road Trip Foods, combining the nostalgia of traditional snack foods, but made in small batches for active consumers who don't have the time to make them themselves," she added.

Stephenie spends several days a week traveling up and down Vermont’s highways, meeting new people and telling the story of Road Trip. It’s a journey she first envisioned as a young woman watching Diane Keaton taking the world on in the classic film “Baby Boom.” Like Keaton, Stephenie is approaching her new endeavor with high energy and a spirit of adventure.

Follow her travels on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for updates (link) on new products and where to purchase Vermont Fudge Sauce. Stephenie also loves hearing about new ways to serve Fudge Sauce, and will be sharing them on Facebook. She’d love to get your input!

Come join her in the journey!